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Aalborg Akvavit Collection
Aalborg Akvavit Collection Aalborg Jubilaeums Akvavit

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Aalborg Two Bottle Gift Set

Aalborg Taffel Akvavit 750 ML
Aalborg  Jubilaeums Akavit 750 ML

Aalborg Taffel is a classic Aquavit, released in 1846. It has a lovely caraway, citrus flavour, and was heralded as Best Aquavit in the World at the 2002 International Wine and Spirit Competition.

Danish distillery Aalborg is behind many of Denmark’s best loved spirits – this one is exceptionally popular. The recipe has remained the same since 1846, and is traditionally served with the Danish ‘kolde bord’ – an abundant lunch buffet of cold dishes, including herring, open sandwiches, meat and other dishes. With a crisp aroma of caraway and fennel, this aquavit is best enjoyed ice cold we recommend storing the aquavit in the freezer before serving and chill your glasses in the fridge.

Aalborg Jubilaeums, jubilaeums meaning jubilee, was created in honour of Isidor Henius, the creator of Aalborg Taffel Akvavit. This akvavit is said to be an excellent accompaniment to a fish or poultry meal.

Akvavit or aquavit in Norwegian is a traditional flavoured spirit that is principally produced in Scandinavia, where it has been produced since the 15th century.

Akvavit gets its distinctive flavour from spices and herbs, and the main spice should (according to the European Union) be caraway or dill. It typically contains 40% alcohol by volume.

The word aquavit is derived from Latin aqua vitae, "water of life." The word whisky is derived from uisge beatha, the Goidelic equivalent of this phrase. Likewise, clear fruit brandy is called "eau de vie" (French for "water of life"). An apocryphal story holds that aquavit actually means "water from the vine," a picturesque folk etymology derived through conflation of Latin vītae (genitive of vita) with the Italian vite (wine grapes - used as poëtic synonymous with "wine").

Aquavit is an important part of Scandinavian drinking culture, where it is often drunk during festive gatherings, such as Christmas dinners and weddings. In Sweden, Denmark and Germany aquavit is cooled down and often sipped slowly from a small shot glass. This is usually attributed to tradition. In Norway where most of the aquavit is matured in oak casks (pre sherry), the drink is at room temperature and served in tulip-shaped glasses or shot glasses. Aquavit arguably complements dark beer well, and its consumption is very often preceded by a swig of beer. Some drink the beer after a sip of aquavit, but purists generally lament this practice, claiming the beer will ruin the flavour and aftertaste.

Akvavit, like vodka, is distilled from either grain (Sweden, Denmark and Germany) or potatoes (Norway, Denmark, Sweden). After distillation, it is flavoured with herbs, spices, or fruit oil. Commonly seen flavours are caraway, cardamom, cumin, anise, fennel, and lemon or orange peel. Dill and "grains of paradise" are also used. The Danish distillery Aalborg makes an akvavit distilled with amber.

The recipes and flavours differ between brands, but caraway is typically the dominant flavour. Aquavit usually has a yellowish hue, but this can vary from clear to light brown, depending on how long it has been aged in oak casks (Norway) or the amount of colorant used. Normally, a darker colour suggests a higher age or the use of young casks, though artificial caramel colouring is permitted. Clear akvavit is called taffel; it is typically aged in old casks that do not colour the finished spirit or not aged at all.

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