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Clyde May's Conecuh Ridge Whiskey
Clyde May's Whiskey

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Clyde Mays Whiskey 750 ML Hard to Find !

Clyde May's whiskey is named for WWII veteran Clyde May who returned to Alabama for a life of moonshining. This tradition lives in his son Kenny May, who produced his first (legal) batch of whiskey for sale in 2002 and was the original owner of the brand. Kenny May felt the product faithfully reproduced the product his father made. The whiskey itself is a blended grain whiskey of corn, rye, and barley, which we believe suggests a flavor profile somewhat similar to bourbon (though it is not, of course, officially a bourbon whiskey). It is aged in new American oak barrels (another trait of bourbon). They suggest drinking neat.

The brand is owned by Spirit Acquisitions of Texas, who purchased the label in 2009 (and since that time, Kenny May is no longer involved with the production). According to the filing with the Tax and Trade Bureau, it is produced by Florida Distillers as of 2012 (formerly with Kentucky Bourbon Distillers). According to an interview in Tasting Panel Magazine (Kelly Merritt, December, 2013), there are plans to build a distillery and bottling plant in Alabama. Conecuh Ridge was named the official spirit of the state  of Alabama in 2004 despite a veto from Governor Bob Riley (overridden by the legislature) and a later attempted repeal by the state senate.

For hundreds of years, farmers took their excess produce and turned it into liquid gold to help supplement their income. It was a time-honored tradition and the Conecuh Ridge is an area that was renowned for its illegal whiskey-making. At one point, Federal agencies said it had the heaviest concentration of stills in the US. So, Clyde took to “branch farming” as he liked to call it.

With one eye on his still and the other watching out for the law, Mr. Clyde crafted his own particular style of whiskey. Much of it sold unaged, right from the still as White Lightening. Some of his 'Shine was laid down in charred oak barrels for special aging. He spent his life perfecting the art of small batch whiskey making surrounded by the Alabama pines of the Conecuh Ridge in Bullock County, AL. Constantly experimenting with different whole grains and production methods, he developed what came to be known as "Mr. Clyde's Special Reserve". Working in small batches and with the best local ingredients, like a hint of apples, Clyde produced his warm, amber whiskey. In the deep South, there remain folk who still keep unmarked bottles of Mr. Clyde's Special Reserve tucked away as carefully as family Bibles and precious photographs.

Allow the warmth and aroma of Clyde May's Whiskey to transport you down the red-clay roads of Alabama to a simpler time. In a manufactured world, isn't nice to know that some things in life stay true to there roots? There is no way whiskey this good was born in a lab. Clyde May's. The Original Craft Whiskey.

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