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Don Eduardo Anejo Tequila
Don Eduardo Anejo Tequila

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Don Eduardo Anejo Tequila 750ML

Don Eduardo Añejo Tequila is distilled from 100% blue agave and aged two years. Most añejos are aged in barrels that have been previously used for rum, brandy or even other tequilas; Don Eduardo Añejo is aged exclusively in once-used ex-bourbon barrels, the best from Brown-Forman.

The control of origin and singular use of the selected barrels ensures that Don Eduardo attains and maintains a consistently higher level of quality, one never seen before in the tequila industry.  The barrels produce a naturally colored and flavored añejo. You will never find anything artificial in Don Eduardo Tequila.

Color:     Pale yellow, straw cast
Aroma:   Spicy aroma
Taste:     Agave, dried herbs, sandalwood
Finish:    Smooth, clean, dry

In 1974, the municipality of Tequila Village was internationally recognized as a "denomination of origin," meaning that Tequila, Jalisco, is one of the only places in the world where the soil, water, geographic and climactic conditions provide the ideal environment for the Weber Blue Agave (agave tequilana azul), the sole ingredient in authentic tequila.

Blue agave plants begin with the careful selection of the hijuelo, the seedling which grows at the base of a three-to six-year-old female blue agave.  The hijuelo will draw important nutrients from the "mother" agave so it is transplanted in the fields as independent new growth. Since a great number of agave seedlings don't meet traditional standards, only a small percentage are actually planted on the extensive agave plantation.

After planting, it is a matter of care, work and patience...a great deal of patience. For it will take up to ten years for each agave plant to reach full maturity for harvesting.

At the heart of the agave plant is the piña, the fruit of the agave from which the best tequilas are made.  The piñas are chosen by jimadors or expert harvesters. Jimadors carefully select the plants and quickly use their coa, a razor-sharp blade on a long stick, to remove the pointed spikes from the plant. Jimadors pass their trade from generation to generation and their proud craftsmanship is apparent in their work.

This demanding job takes great skill and strength. The process appears simple, but speed and agility play an important role in harvesting agave. The jimador first pries the entire plant from the ground and exposes the bottom of the piña. Then using the coa, they cut away the leaves, or pencas, that are very fibrous and tough and edged with small sharp thorns.

After only 2-3 minutes, all the pencas are cut and the jimador shaves the piña with his coa, thus preparing it for the cooking process. At this point, the agave piña weighs between 80-120 pounds and sometimes up to 200 pounds. The jimador lifts them into wire baskets carried by donkeys, and then they are hand-loaded onto waiting trucks to go to the distillery.

The jimador's job is one of the most important and prideful jobs in all of tequila production. The jimadors share great respect as they carefully watch over and harvest the blue agave.

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