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Jura Superstition Single Malt Scotch
Jura Superstition Scotch

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Jura Superstition Single Malt Scotch 750 ML hard to find !

Jura is an island wrapped in superstition. Never cut peat before May. Always finish a bottle of Jura on the day its opened. There is a litany of strange and bewildering customs on Jura but maybe the one regarding the Ankh cross demands the greatest attention. This ancient symbol dates back to Egyptian times and is long rumored to bring good fortune. Just so long as you drink the whisky in the correct manner. The islanders believe that good luck comes by holding the bottle with the Ankh cross in the centre of your palm. Observe this ritual, they say and good health and fortune will surely follow.

The Isle of Jura is populated by less than 200 people who are said to be superstitious. To celebrate the living history and suspect beliefs of their neighbors, Superstition was created by blending an older, fine, creamy malt 21 years old with a younger, robust peated malt 13 Year old the effect is mesmeric! The nose is direct and structured with the sultry finesse of heather honey, smoky toffee, dates, cocoa, golden raisin, fern, oily nuts, camp-fire and confect with a calm under-current of maritime influence. The flavors follow suit and add spice, pine and vegetal peat as the sweet creaminess of the mouth-feel leisurely gives resolving delicately on salt and oily walnut. The finish is buttery, oiled, rich, lightly smoky and mixed with lovely herbs and spices. This is arresting, attractive equanimous single malt in a very lovely package. Enjoy this neat meditating on the enigmas of life.

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