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Usquaebach Scotch 15 Years
Usquaebach Scotch 15 Years

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Usquaebach 15 Years Scotch 750ML Hard to find !

The Usquaebach 15 Year Blended Malt is a marriage of some of the finest Highland single malts, aged carefully for at least 15 years  and some as old as 20 in oak and sherry casks. When purity and strength is what is desired, this beautiful yet masculine Scotch whisky delivers robust aromas and intense richness. Recognized throughout the whisky drinking world for its quality, the 15-Year Blended Malt has won numerous accolades, including Gold Medal at the 2010 International Whisky Competition.

The nose features sun-dried fruits, pineapple, and espresso bean, while the palate entertains with stout baking spices and a luxurious sweetness. If single malts have been your only experience in Scotch, then this blend will impress you with its complexity, depth, and fullness.

Translated from Gaelic as “the water of life,” Usquaebach – pronounced “oos-ke-bah” – is a historic brand that brings to life the ancient traditions and historic craft of the Scottish Highlands. It is from this historic name that we derive the very word, “whisky,” and Usquaebach Scotch Whisky is proud to wear this badge of honor.

With a blend dating back to the 1700’s and the name trademarked since 1877, this brand’s iconic whiskies have spoken to the senses, resurrecting the same fiery spirit that was born in the rolling hills of Scotland long before Scotch

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